Indy Youth Basketball League Rules

Season Information:

  • Seasons will consist of 8 regular season games and a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. Teams will be seeded by regular season record for the tournament.

  • Rosters must be submitted by Week 2 of the season. The roster maximum is 12 players. Coaches must be able to prove the player’s correct grade upon request.

  • Players may not be on two teams in the same grade and same division. They will be allowed to be on two teams, so long as they are in different grades or divisions.

  • Teams using players NOT on their roster will forfeit the game in which he or she played. Any future violation will result in forfeiture of all games and suspension of the team without refund.

  • Teams are required to give 24 hour notice if they will not be able to make a game. We will make an effort to get the scheduled opponent another game, but cannot guarantee it. If we cannot find another game, the original game will be a forfeit loss for the team that didn’t show.

  • No showing with no warning will result in a forfeit loss the first time, and a fee of $50 to pay for officials. The second time may result in suspension from the league with no refund.


Game Play Rules:

  • Games will follow IHSAA rules, as well as the following rules:

  • 4th-8th Boys Teams and 5th-8th girls may press and/or play zone defense. If the lead is 20+ in either half they must get out of any press or half court trap.

  • Coaches will have 1 full and 1 30 second timeout per half, with no carryover. Each team will have 1 total timeout in overtime.

  • Each team shall provide one adult volunteer to assist at the scorer’s table.

 1st-3rd Grade Boys and 1st-4th Grade Girls Exceptions:

All of the above rules will apply to 1st-3rd grade boys and 1st-4th grade girls, except for the following:



  • NO ZONE DEFENSE/TRAPPING UNTIL DESIGNATED TIME. Teams will be allowed to be in the “help” in man-to-man defense, but they cannot play any version of a zone defense until the designated time..

  • 3rd grade boys and 4th grade girls will shoot free throws from the free throw line, but are allowed to cross over the free throw line on the shot.

  • 1st and 2nd grade boys and 3rd grade girls may shoot free-throws one foot inside the free-throw line.

  • 1st and 2nd grade boys, and 3rd grade girls teams will play 20-minute running clock halves, until the last 2 minutes of the second half.

  • 1st grade and 2nd grade may choose to play on a 9’ rim or a 10’ foot rim.

  • Teams playing against younger teams in lower pool will play by younger team rules


Clock Info:

  • For Boys grades 3rd-12th and girls 4th-12, games will be 14 minute halves with the clock stopping on each whistle.

  • For Boys grades 1st-2ndand Girls 3rd will be 20 minute running clock, with clock stopping in the last 2 minutes of 2nd half.

  • Clock will run in 2nd half under 7 minutes if a team is up by 20 points or more.

  • Halftime will be 3 minutes.



  • We expect a positive, fun atmosphere for kids to learn and improve at the game of basketball. We want kids to foster a love for the game, and the way the crowds treat the game can have a large impact on that. We expect parents to cheer and encourage their team, without arguing with, yelling at, or demeaning other teams, coaches, players, or officials.

  • No drugs or alcohol in the facility, and no one under the influence of either is allowed inside.

  • Fans must display appropriate behavior at all times. Anything deemed less than that, whether it be actions or language, may result in removal from the facility.

  • Ejection from the facility may result in suspension from the facility. This will be at the discretion of our management staff or the event coordinator.

  • We will contact security and local law enforcement if the situation calls for it.